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What’s this all about then?

We get out of bed in the morning to create a family of flavours. Our collection of yummy food is lovingly made by hand in the Chiltern area. Our tasty brekkies use only natural ingredients and no added nasties – just all-natural good stuff – and we’re on a mission to bring delish, better-for-you scrumptious snacks to all the family.

Our mueslis, granolas and nuts are all hand-roasted and all of our flavours are created by our fabulous food-loving team.

Consciously Chiltern

Our sustainability commitments

Our mission is to bring you a curated collection of delicious, natural snacks and cereals.  We find joy in bringing you fun and exciting flavours that the whole family can savour.

All of our healthy breakfasts and snacks are lovingly-made by hand in the Chilterns using only natural ingredients.  We are proud to be based in this beautiful part of the world and since we take our inspiration from the rolling hills, endless walking tracks and the unbelievable nature living in these hills, it’s even more important to us as a business that we operate in an increasingly sustainable way.

We are working our way towards being better, though we know there is still a long way to go.  You might have noticed we have had a little revamp this year, with a fresh new look for our website and importantly, also for our packaging.  We are delighted that our new packaging not only looks great – referencing our local surrounds with beautiful images of the trees, hills and wildlife of the Chilterns – it is also fully recyclable, too.

Food packaging is emerging as a very innovative space and through our own research, we have learned that whilst there are new developments happening all the time, there is still some way to go in this area.  We have to strike the right balance between ensuring that our products maintain highest quality and freshness, whilst also minimising our environmental impact.  Unfortunately, packaging that can be home-composted isn’t quite there yet, not all plastics are created equal, and some materials are more easily recycled than others – it can be a real minefield!  So for us, making the switch to recyclable pouches for our cereals has been an exciting first step.  We know there is more to do and we will continue to keep new packaging innovations under review so that we are ready to adapt as soon as the technology allows us to.

Whilst we phase in our new recyclable packaging over the next couple of months, don’t worry if our old packaging arrives on your doorstep!  Our recipes are just the same and just as yummy – we don’t believe in throwing the packaging away so we’ll be using up our old packaging as we start to roll out the new look.

We are also looking to set up schemes for our local customers to “return and reuse” our food packaging.  We are actively looking to partner with a local, Chilterns-based charity or social enterprise to support some local environmental projects and hope to say more about both of these initiatives very soon.

More generally, we are taking this opportunity to improve our production practices so that we reduce – and hopefully, eventually eliminate – food waste.  We’re doing some simple things, such as using up wonky dried fruit, for example, to ensure our food waste is as little as possible. We are also reducing our water usage, being mindful of our energy usage and choosing recyclable packaging when we order from our suppliers.

We would love to hear from you – whether you are a customer of ours with a great idea for re-using our packaging, an innovator with new cutting edge packaging designs, or a local organisation with a community environmental project we could roll up our sleeves on, do let us know!

Email, DM or tweet us @chilternnaturalfoods with your ideas.

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