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Our Philosophy

Chiltern Natural Foods  is a manufacturer of hand roasted healthy flavoured nuts and seeds, and a great range of healthy whole grain, no salt, no wheat, low sugar granolas. We have also introduced a great range of certified gluten free granola flavours.

Our philosophy is to make premium foods which are all natural but still taste great. You will find that we don’t add any E-numbers, chemicals, artificial colouring or flavouring or any unrecognisable additives and fillers to our products. You can read the label and understand what the food contains.

Our Cereals: Once our customers have tasted a cereal that is not full of sugar or salt but one that has a subtle enjoyable taste of vanilla, or almond or cinnamon or maple etc, they always come back for more. Whole grain oats are so good for you and as a slow release carbohydrate, they fill you up and stop you getting ‘the munchies’ half way through the morning.

Our Nuts: All our nuts are hand roasted and flavoured which makes a great difference to the taste. Once you have tried them, machine roasted nuts will never taste  anywhere near as tasty.  We have great fun in our kitchen coming up with new ideas to tempt our customers.  Each flavour goes through  rigorous testing and tasting before we come up with something new and inventive so we look forward to you trying our great flavours!