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Welcome to our wholesale shop.

Chiltern Natural Foods is a manufacturer and wholesaler of hand roasted healthy flavoured nuts & seeds, and a great range of healthy whole grain, no salt, no wheat, low sugar and gluten free granolas and muesli’s.  Our products are all natural but still taste great. You will find that we don’t add any E-numbers, chemicals, artificial colouring or flavouring or any unrecognisable additives and fillers to our products.

There are eight different flavours of wheat free granolas, four exciting choices of gluten free granolas, two different mueslis and two types of oats to choose from.  Everything is packed in cases of 12 (half cases of six can be purchased also.)

Our large range of hand roasted flavoured nuts and seeds come in many unique flavours including spicy ones, savoury ones and a few on the sweet side of the scale. They are also packed in twelves or sixes.

If you have a really busy store, we can also supply you with a stand which holds twenty different flavours of nuts, seeds, yogurt and chocolate items. We like to think that there is something for every possible taste.

Ordering is easy. Simply order by telephone, e-mail or we’ll set up an online account for you. We allow you to be as flexible as you like by making sure that you can order what you want, whenever you want.  As our product is freshly made, we aim to despatch your order within 2 days of receipt.

If you have questions, or would like us to bring samples and visit you for a free tasting, we can be reached on 01494 449638. You can also e-mail us at [email protected]

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